Add Contact

To add a new contact:

  1. Select Address Book from the sidebar menu. 
  2. Select Add Contact.

  3. Complete the form. The fields Business Code and Business Name are mandatory. If you don’t want to choose a Business Code, hAIbooks will automatically generate one for you. The Business Code is a unique identifier for each contact. The Address Details and Contact Details fields are optional but completing them now will save you time later if you’d like to send emails and documents to your contacts.

4. Select Save and your new contact will appear under the All Contacts tab.

 Edit Contact

To edit a contact:

  1. Select Address Book from the sidebar menu.
  2. Click on the name of the contact you’d like to edit. You’ll find the contact name in the Business Name column of the contact list.
  3. Select Edit in the Contact Information tab. The Edit button is in the lower right hand side of the page.
  4. When you have finished editing, select Save to accept your changes. 

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