In Haibooks, the Contacts page allows you add as many contacts as you want. A contact is a business or a person that you have business transaction with for example customers or suppliers. You use contacts when creating, invoices, bills and bank transactions. Learn how to use Contacts and how to use Groups in Haibooks.

How do I Add a Contact ?

  • Select Contacts from the sidebar menu. 

  • Select New Contact.

Contact Information

  • Business Name : write the name of the business to identify the contact from your list of contacts. This is a mandatory field.

  • Contact Person : write the name of the contact to identify amongst your list of contacts.

  • Email Address : if you enter the email you will be able to end invoices and statements to your contacts by email.

  • Telephone : you can add the landline number of your contact.

  • Mobile : you can add the mobile phone number of your contact.

  • Website : if your contact has a website then you can add it to the contact information.


  • Building Number/Name : enter the number or name of the building where your contact works.

  • Street : enter the street of the building.

  • City/Town : enter the city or town of the business.

  • Post Code : enter the post code of the business.

  • Country : enter the country of the business.

  • Region : enter the region of the business

Financial Details

  • VAT Registration Number : the VAT number of the contact.

  • Select Add Contact and your new contact will appear under the All Contacts tab.

How do I edit a Contact ?

  • On your Contacts page, click on the contact you’d like to edit.

  • Select the button with the pen symbol at the top right of the tab.

  • When you have finished editing, select Save to keep your changes. 

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