The Address Book is a database of all your contacts, such as suppliers and customers. Using the Address Book you can add, view and edit contacts, archive inactive contacts, or filter them by customer, supplier, or groups you create yourself.

hAIbooks automatically defines the default group of the contact, depending on the nature of transactions you have with the contact. For instance, if you have paid money to the contact, hAIbooks will allocate the contact to the Suppliers group. A contact can appear both in one, some or all groups.

To navigate to the Address Book, select Address Book from the sidebar menu.

1 Filter Contacts

Customer and Supplier Groups

To view a list of customers and/or suppliers, select from one of the three tabs at the top of the screen.

Note: hAIbooks automatically allocates a contact to a Customer and/or Supplier Group, depending on the nature of the transactions you have made with the contact. For instance, if you’ve paid money to a contact, hAIbooks will assign the contact as a supplier. You can’t assign a contact to the Customer or Supplier Groups manually but the same contact can be in both groups.

2 Groups

If you would like to group your contacts under different groupings than customer or supplier then you can create an unlimited number of other groups.

2.1 Create a New Group

To create a new group:

  1. Select the Groups drop-down menu 

  2. Select Add Group.

  1. Enter new group name.

  2. Select Save.

Your new group will appear at the top of the contact screen. Select the group name to display only the contacts in this group.

2.2. Add a Contact to a Group

To add a contact to a group:

  1. Tick the box next to the contact(s) you’d like to add to a group.

  2. Click Activities, then select Add to Group.

  1. Select a group from the list.

  2. Select Save. 

3 Deactivate a Contact

Deactivating a contact will archive it, which means it will be disabled. You won’t be able to create any new transactions for it. Currently there is no option to delete a contact; you can only archive it.

When you deactivate the contact, you can still view or edit it and it will still be listed in reports.

To deactivate a contact:

  1. Select All Contacts from the Contacts menu.

  2. Select the contact you want to deactivate.

  3. Select Activities, then select Set Inactive.

  4. Select Save.

4 Export the Address Book in .csv Format

To export a list of contacts:

  1. Select Address Book from the sidebar menu.

  2. Select Export.

By default, your file will be saved in to the selected downloads folder of your browser.

5 Import contacts into the Address Book

To import a list of contacts to the Address Book:

  1. Select Address Book from the sidebar menu.

  2. Select Import.

  3. You’ll be taken to the Import your Contacts page. Follow the 3-step instructions on the page.

  4. Download the hAIbooks Excel template file.  

The hAIbooks Excel template file contains the correct column headings required to import your contacts data. It’s important that you don’t change the column headings provided in the template, otherwise the import won’t work.  

  1. Export your contacts from your old system as an Excel file (.xlsx or .xls. format). Copy and paste your contacts from your exported file into the hAIbooks template. Make sure that the contacts data you copy matches the column headings provided in the template. Date format must be: dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 25/12/2019

  2. Select Upload File, and choose the hAIbooks Excel template file you’ve copied your data into from your computer.

  1.  Select Upload.

If the Upload button is inactive, check to see if that the file you’ve selected is in the correct format. The correct file format  is .xlsx or .xls.

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