On this page, you can edit and update main accounting dates of your company: company start date, first accounting year, end date, account reference date, and confirmation statement date. Also you will find the fields for the corporation tax reference number, authentication code, and Payment reference number on the Page. These fields are optional and can be used only for filling them into the appropriate reports.

Update Accounting Dates and Codes

To update your accounting dates and codes do the following steps: 

  1. Select Settings in the top bar menu.
  2. Click Accounting Dates and Codes on the Settings page.

    3. Make required updates.

    4. Press Save button.

Note: Once you add at least one document to the system, the system will limit your ability to change dates. For more information please contact Help Center.

Lock Date Settings

Lock Date is a date that limits user's actions for a range of documents created before this date.

After Lock Date you will not be able to:

  1. Add or edit documents/payments whose Issue Date is earlier or the same as Lock Date, and documents/payments which user added before oron the Lock Date.
  2. Edit Corporation Tax reports and Self Assessment report of the accounting periods which year ended before or on the Lock Date.
  3. Reconcile transactions through the allocation to documents that have been added before or on the Lock Date.
  4. Dispose of assets with Disposal date, falling into the locked period.
  5. Cancel Assets disposal

However you should still be able to:

  • Allocate Credit Notes to bills or invoices.
  • Mark VAT Return as Filed and bank transactions as reconciled.

Note: If the user tries to add document in the locked period, hAIbooks will prohibit this action and give notification that this action can’t be executed.

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