Chart of Account is a section where you can manage chart of accounts that you have created for the company. Here you can add new, manage existing codes, save a list in a .PDF file or export it in a .csv table.

To find the list of chart of accounts select Accounting from the sidebar menu and click on Chart of Accounts from the drop-down menu.

Each newly created company already has a default chart, that can not be edited, deleted, or archived.

You can view statement of each account report in one click. Just click the icon under Actions.

Note: The application creates different reports using specific types of account. For example, Profit and loss report is based on Revenue/Expense type of account.

Add/Edit Account

To add a new code do the following steps:

  1. Select Accounting and Chart of Accounts

    3. Press Add New button.

    4. Fill in the form. You have to fill in all mandatory fields.

    5. Press Save button.

    To edit an account click on its name in the list of accounts.


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