The Staff Expense in hAIbooks is a list of the expenses connected with a staff of your organisation (directors and employees), added in the People (Settings>People) section of Settings. Here you can add new expenses, view, edit and pay them.

View Expenses

hAIbooks lets you filter staff expenses to All Staff Expenses and Awaiting Payment. You can also view your Drafts. Select one of the tabs at the top of the screen.

Also, you can filter the list by staff person, status, and date. Select Filter to expand and choose the filter you want.

You also can specify a required period by selecting the calendar symbol.

You are able to delete fully unpaid expense or mileage. To delete several unpaid expenses or mileages please go to Awaiting Payment tab, check one or more documents in the list. If you wish to delete all awaiting payments then you can tick the tickbox at the top left. Click on the delete button from the pop-up. Remember that Awaiting Payment tab will be available only if you have enough permissions for managing it.

Note: you can view Staff Expense section according to your role and permissions (the Roles section) in the system. 

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