1. Manage Staff Expense

To add a new expense do the following steps:

  1. Select Staff Expenses in the sidebar menu.

  2. Click Add New Expense at the top right of the page.

   4. Fill in the form on the New Expense page. You have to fill in all mandatory fields.

   5. Press Save and Approve button.

2. View Staff Expense Details

To view a staff expense or a mileage, select the document you wish to see on the Staff Expenses page. Here you will find all information connected with this document, including payments, notes and files. 

2.1 Expense Overview

The tab shows detailed information, including Staff Person, Issue Date, Status, Account Type, Description, Quantity, Unit Cost, VAT Rate / %, VAT Total, and Total amount. 

2.1.1 Edit a Staff Expense

To edit a staff expense do the following steps:

  1. Open the staff expense you want to edit by selecting it.

  2. Press the Edit button in the Expense Overview tab.

   3. When finished editing, press Save and Approve to accept changes.

Note: You can edit Staff Expense only if it doesn’t have any payments.

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