In this section you can customize invoices and emails, which you will send to your customers. To view Company Invoices & Email Details group click All Settings in the top menu

Here in Settings you will see that Invoices & Email Details section contains the following subsections.

  • Invoice settings
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Email templates

Invoice Details

To customize Invoice details of the company do the following steps:

  1. Click Invoice Details on the All Settings page.
  2. Click Edit Settings

   3. Make required updates:

  • Select the invoice template, which will be used for sending to your customers. To do this, scroll down on left hand side to choose template. For preview click on the invoice image.
  • Then use the next button to scroll through additional options
  • You can add you preferred payment method for example Paypal
  • Check "Include Company Logo" checkbox to add your own logo to invoice .pdf. The image is taken from the Company Overview page. Max size is 300x300.
  • Additional Text and Footer Text fields contain additional information that is included to invoice *.pdf, these fields are optional.

   4. Press Save button.

Email Templates

Email Templates section allows to manage email templates for different mail sending cases.

To customize your company emails go to the Settings and click on Email Templates.

Each company contains a default list of templates. The list of templates table shows sections for which the template is used by default or was picked for displaying.

You can also create and set a default template for each of the cases on Add/Edit template page.

To create or edit an email template do the following steps:

  1. Select All Settings in the top menu.
  2. Click Email Templates on the Settings page.
  3. Click Add Template to add new template, or click on the template’s name to edit it

   4. Make required updates:

Enter the Email Template Name, Email Subject and Email Message body. In order to specify the sections in which this template can be used, check the cases in the column "Used for". In order to determine for which of the sections this template will be default, check the cases in the "As Default" column. After saving the template changes you will see this information right in the list of company email templates.
  5. Click on Save button and the template will be added to the list of company Email templates.

Invoice Reminder

The feature is available for all the non-archived invoices if "Enable Invoice Reminder" checkbox is checked.
You can enable this feature for all new contacts, or for all the existing contacts. Just check appropriate check-box.

If Invoice reminder feature is allowed for a particular contact, you will see checked “Enable Credit Control on newly created invoices” checkbox in “Options” tab on the page with details of that contact.

Add/Edit Rule

Rule is a set of settings that tells the system how often invoice reminders should be sent. Each company contains a default rule for the Invoice Reminder. To view it, click on the name in the list.

Click Add Rule to add a new rule or click on the rule name in the list to edit it.

On the opened page fill in the fields:

  1. the Reminder name, which must be unique for the company.
  2.  algorithm, according to which hAIbooks will notify your customers about the invoices debt:
  • in the “Send Reminder” field, enter the number of days for which the first warning letter should be sent.
  • in “At” you can set the time of day, in which letter will be sent
  • select whether Before/After Due Date the first letter will be sent.
  • If 1 letter is not enough, you can also set up a notification every day after the first letter (days after that field) for some period of time (During field). This function is optional and will be available if you check And each check-box

   3.  Check Active checkbox if you want edited rule become the main rule for the Invoice Reminder.

Click Save to update the details of a rule.

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