The Users section allows you to manage a list of Haibooks users in your company. You can create as many as you want in the system and give different access to the users depending on their role. Learn how to add a Person and how to manage Users.

How do I add a User ?

  • Go to System Settings at the bottom left of your Haibooks page.

  • Select Users from the side bar menu of Settings.

  • Click on Add User.

User Details

  • First Name : enter the first name of the user.

  • Last Name : enter the last name of the user.

  • Email : enter the email address of the user.


  • System Admin : if you select this permission then the user will have full access as a system admin.

  • Standard : if you select this permission then you can choose the features that the user can access by activating by ticking the different attributes of the system. You can choose from a list of the features.

  • Adviser : if you select this permission then the user will have full access as a external role like for example an accountant.


  • Person : if you check the tickbox you can link the new user to a person by selecting an existing one or by creating a new one by completing the information.

  • Select Save when you have finished creating your new user.

  • After adding a New User, Haibooks sends an automated confirmation email to the user’s email address, with instructions to confirm their access to the Haibooks system.

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