The Users section allows you to manage a list of hAIbooks users in your company. You can edit, add new or deactivate existing users.

To open the Users section, go to System Settings and select Users.

Add/Edit User 

To add a new User:

  1. Select System Settings

  2. Select Users in the sidebar menu of the page.

  3. Select Add User. Complete the user form details.

To Edit User, click on the Name of user you want to edit on the “Users” page. Note that First Name, Last Name, Email fields are non-editable in edit mode . If you would like to edit these fields, please email the hAIbooks Support Centre and we’d be delighted to help.

4. Complete the form, and select mandatory checkboxes.

About the User function:

When you select Director or Shareholder from the Person drop-down menu, hAIbooks automatically adds a new entry to the People list and an account to the Chart of Accounts. When you select Staff, a new account appears in the Chart of Accounts 

The User’s level of access depends on the role you’ve assigned them and permissions you have enabled. 

  5. Select Save.
  6. After adding a New User, hAIbooks sends an automated confirmation email to the user’s email address, with instructions to confirm their access to the hAIbooks system.

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