Roles & Permissions allows you to assign roles to new users, and manage what they are allowed to do within hAIbooks (their permissions).

To use this feature, go to System Settings and select Users. You need to then select Add User.

On the Add User page you’ll see three roles : System Admin, Adviser, and Standard. You can only edit the permissions for a Standard user. Admin and adviser roles have full access.

Add Permissions

You can add and modify the permissions of a new user by selecting Standard in the Permissions. You can enable access to the new user to as many features as you want by activating it.


Note: If you activate Staff Expense you have to select a type of expenses that will be accessible for this role (All Expenses or Own Expenses).

The checkbox Allow Payments allows users with this role to create payments for staff expenses; Applicable Only for those which are selected (All or Own).

When you activate the Reports feature, you have the option to authorize the new user to file VAT Returns with HMRC by checking the tickbox.

When you activate the Settings feature, you have the option to allow the new user to allow managing users by checking the tickbox.

When you have finished organizing the permissions for a new user, you can select Save.

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