In this feature you can add and connect to your account whether that is from GoCardless or Stripe. Learn how to Manage Credit Control and how to Manage Invoice Settings.

How do I connect to my various payment providers ?

  • To access the page click on System Settings at the bottom left of your hAibooks page.

  • Select Payment Details from the side bar menu of Settings.

  • Click on Add Account from the payment provider you want.

  • Complete the fields.

Account Information

  • Name : enter the name of the account to identify it.

  • Default Account : tick this tickbox to use the default account.

  • New Account : tick this tickbox to use a new account.

  • Account : enter the name of the new account.

  • Automatically transfer online payments to bank : tick this tickbox to create an automatic double entry in the system of the transfer between the payments service provider and your bank.

  • Bank Account : if you tick the tickbox below then you need to select the bank account.

  • Primary Account : tick this tickbox to make the account available on invoices.

Click on Connect and you will be redirected out of hAibooks for the next steps.

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