1. Add a Bank Account

You can add any number of bank accounts. You can see all the bank accounts you’ve added in your Chart of Accounts and also in the Banking page.

To add a bank account:

  1. Select Banking from the sidebar menu.

  2. Select Add Bank Account.

  3. Complete the fields:

If you tick the Is Primary tickbox, this account will become the default bank account for your business. This means that payments will, by default, be made from this account, unless you specify a different account while you’re making the payment. Only one bank account can be set as a primary account.

2. Edit a Bank Account

To edit a bank account:

  1. On your Banking page, select More Options from the bank account you want to edit.

  2. Select the Edit from the drop-down menu.

  3. Make your changes.

4. When you’ve finished editing, select Save.

3 View a Bank Account

To view the transactions of a bank account:

  1. On your Banking page select Reconcile Transactions.

  2. Select the All Transactions tab.

The All Transactions tab shows you a list of transactions that have been created or reconciled. The list doesn’t include transactions that are unreconciled.

The To Reconcile tab shows you the uploaded bank statements that are not as yet reconciled.

You’ll see:

  • hAIbooks Balance: all transactions, except those as yet unreconciled, under the to Reconcile tab.

  • Unreconciled Balance: unreconciled transactions.

  • Bank Statement Balance: reconciled transactions.

You can add a bank transaction using the Bank Account page or by bank feeds. Use the Import Transactions function to import bank statements in bulk.

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