1. About Recurring Invoices

A recurring invoice is an invoice that hAIbooks will automatically generate regularly over a specified period of time. Recurring invoices are convenient to use when, for instance, your customer buys your services or products on a regular basis. The Recurring Invoice Template isn’t an invoice itself, it’s just a set of instructions that will generate an invoice at the right time to the right contact.

2. Add a Recurring Invoice Template

To add a new recurring invoice:

  1. Select the drop down menu of Sales from the side bar menu. Select Recurring Invoices.

  2. Click on Add New at the top right of your Recurring Invoices and then select Add Invoice from the drop-down menu.

  3. Complete the form details. The mandatory fields are: Contact, Issue Date, Due Date, Account and Unit cost.

When you tick Credit Control it will send reminders to clients when the invoice is overdue. You can click on Manage to add reminders and to handle the settings.

4. Enter the invoice details:

  • To add an extra item, select +Add Item

  • To delete an item, click on the button at the end of the item you wish to delete.

5. Click on Set up Recurring Invoice at the bottom right of the page. You can then fill in the details such as description, duration and frequency. When finished, click on Save.

5. Select Save and Approve to finish the recurring invoice. You can now view it on the Recurring Invoices tab.

3. View and Edit a Recurring Invoice

  1. On the Recurring Invoices page, select the document number of the invoice you wish to view and edit.

  2. You can also view the contact, change the category, change the dates or the amount.

  3. To make changes on your invoice click on Edit and then select Save and Approve to save them.

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