The Purchases section is a database of all your business’ purchases, and includes credit notes, too. Here, you can add new bills as well as view, edit, and filter them by a status and by a specific period. You can also export a list of bills and perform searches on various criteria.

To navigate to the Purchases section, select the drop-down menu of Purchases. The Purchases section is divided into three categories : Bills, Recurring Bills and Archived Bills.

The Purchases page is divided into four categories : All Bills, Drafts, Recurring Bills and Archived.

You can also search the list of bills by specific parameters using the search bar.

1 Bills

The Bills tab contains a list of bills sent to your business by suppliers etc, and also credit notes received. On the Bills tab you can view individual bills and credit notes, filter the list by specified parameters and export the list in .csv format.

1.1 Filter Bills

To filter a list of bills:

  1. In the All Bills category of the Purchase page, select Filter.

  2. You can also filter and search a bill by contact name, category, issue date, due date, amount and status.

  3. You also have the option to filter and search a bill monthly, over the last six months, over the fiscal year or all time.

4. To create a customised time period, click on the search bar under Issue Date. Select Between and choose a period.

1.2 Export a List of Bills

To export a list of bills for a particular period in .csv format:

In the All Bills page, select the export button which is next to the search bar.

The file will be saved in the folder selected in the settings of your browser.

Recurring Bills Tab

This tab is a list of recurring bills you have created for this company. Here, you can view bills, delete or make them inactive.

2.1 Inactivate a Recurring Bill

To deactivate a recurring bill:

  1. On the Recurring Bills page, click on the button with three dots under Actions.

  2. Select Deactivate.

2.2 Delete a Recurring Bill

To delete a recurring bill:

  1. On the Recurring Bills page, click on the button with three dots under Actions.

  2. Select Delete.

To delete several recurring bills at the same time:

  1. On the Recurring Bills page, tick the tickbox at the top next to Description.

  2. Tick the tickbox of the recurring bills you’d like to delete if you wish not to delete them all.

  3. Click on delete button. The Change Status button next to it makes the recurring bills active or inactive.

3 Archived Bills

The Archived Bill tab shows you a list of the archived bills.

Note: The Archived Bills tab is only active if you have at least one archived bill.

4 Drafts

Here you will find all the draft bills waiting for approval.

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