1. Add a Recurring Bill

To add a new recurring bill:

  1. Select Purchases from the sidebar menu and then Recurring Bills from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on Add New at the top right of your bills and then select Add Bill.

4. Complete the form details. The mandatory fields are Contact Information, Issue Date, Due Date, Account and Unit cost. Select Set Up Recurring Bill. Complete the fields and select Save when finished.

Enter more details about the recurring bill:

  • To add an extra item, select +Add Item.

  • To delete an item, click on the button at the end of the item you wish to delete.

5. Select Save and Approve to finish the recurring bill. hAIbooks will display it under the Recurring Bills tab.

2 View or a Edit Recurring Bill

To view or edit a recurring bill:

  1. Select Recurring Bills from the drop-down menu of Purchases.

  2. Select the recurring bill you wish to view or edit.

  3. Select Edit Recurring Bill.

  4. Make your edits and then select Save and Approve to save your changes.

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