The Dividends section is a list of the dividends your company pays to your shareholders. You can add new dividends or edit and filter existing entries by shareholders and by period.

To navigate to the Dividends page, select Accounting from the sidebar menu and then Dividends from the drop-down menu.

Filtering by Shareholder:

  1. On your Dividends page, select Filter to expand the filter. Reference will show all the shareholders who have been paid dividends.

  2. Select Contains and you can search by name.

To filter dividends by period select the calendar symbol

The balance of dividends - the amount you’ve paid to your shareholders - is displayed under Total Amount.

You can use the View Voucher to see the documentation associated with the dividend including the dividend voucher

Adding Dividends

You can add new dividends by selecting the Add Dividend button

Ensure you complete the required fields.

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