My Profile is a page on hAibooks that contains your personal details such as address and account information which can be modified at any moment. You can also see a list of all your businesses and add new ones in the software. Learn how to Sign Up and what is hAIbooks.

How do I Access My Profile ?

  • Click on your name at the top right of your hAibooks page.

  • Select My Profile from the drop-down menu.

  • On this page, you can connect your hAibooks profile with your Google and Facebook accounts.

How do I Edit My Profile Information ?

  • To edit information on the My Profile page, click on Edit Details at the top right of your profile.

  • You can then modify any information on the page that you want from personal details, account details to your address details.

  • You can also change your profile picture by selecting Upload and then choosing a picture from your device.

  • When you have finished with your changes select Save to keep them.

How do I Access My Businesses ?

  • Your profile page contains two tabs : My Profile and My Businesses.

  • Select the My Businesses tab to access the page. On the My Businesses page, you can view all your businesses, filter and edit them.

  • If you select one of your business, it will redirect you towards the dashboard of that business.

How do I Add a business ?

  • To add a new business, you need to select Add Business in the My Businesses tab.

  • Complete the information.

Business Type

  • UK Limited Liability Company : if you select this business type, then you have to search with the business name or number.

  • UK Sole Trader : if you select this business type, then you must complete the information.

UK Sole Trader Information

  • Business Name : enter the business name

  • Prepare Accounts From : the date of the beginning of the accounting period when you start using hAibooks.

  • First Accounts Made Up To : the date of the end of the first accounting period with hAibooks.

  • Industry : select the industry of your business.

  • Registered for VAT : tick this tickbox if your business is registered for VAT.

Business Address

  • Building Number/Name : enter building number or name of the business.

  • Street : enter the number of the street.

  • City/Town : enter the city or town of the business.

  • Region : enter the region of the business.

  • Post Code : enter of the post code of the business.

  • Country : enter the country of the business.

Once you have found the business and checked or entered its details, select Save to record it on your businesses tab.

How do I Edit a Business ?

  • You need to click on the button with three dots under Actions of the business you want to edit. Select Edit.

  • It will take you to the Business Overview page where you can the modifications you want from basic information to address details. When you have finished, click Save at the top of the screen to save the changes.

How do I Filter Businesses ?

  • To filter businesses, you need to select Filter to expand the filter on the My Businesses page.

  • You can filter by period by selecting the calendar symbol to expand the calendar.

  • If you are searching by name you can use the search bar.

How do I Archive a Business ?

  • On the My Businesses page you can archive a business in the list depending on the role and permissions you have for that business which will have been made in the System Settings.

  • If you can archive a business, then to do it you need to select the button with three dots under Actions of the business you want to archive. Select Archive.

  • Once you have archived a business it will stay in the list. However you will not be able to use or edit it. The only action you can do is Restore it.

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