In Haibooks, in the contact section, you can create a group to organize your contacts. You can add a contact to a group and delete a group at any moment. Learn how to use Contacts and how to add and edit a Contact.

How do I create a Group ?

  • Click on Contacts to access the page from the side bar menu.

  • Click on Groups and then New Group from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the name of your new Group and click on Create Group.

How do I add a Contact to a Group ?

  • In the All Contacts tab, tick the tickbox of the contact you wish to be added to a group.

  • Click on Add to Group.

  • Tick the tickbox of the group you want the contact to be added to.

  • Click on Save.

How to delete a Group ?

  • Click on Groups to view all your groups.

  • Click on the cross of the group you wish to delete.

  • Click on Delete for confirmation.

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