In hAibooks, you can send a Statement of Account to any of your contacts. Learn also how to use Contacts and how to add and edit a Contact ?

How do I send a Statement to a Customer ?

  • To access the page, select Contacts from the side bar menu.

  • Select the contact you wish to send the Statement to.

  • Click on the button with three dots and then on Statement of Account.

Information and Dates

  • Preset : choose either this month or the accounting year of your business.

  • From : choose the start date of the statement.

  • To : choose the end date of the statement.

  • Accounts : choose if you want to show all accounts or just the unpaid amount.

Message Template

  • Template : you can choose the system default message and custom allows you to add your own email message.

  • To : the contact who you are sending the statement to.

  • Subject : the subject for the message, which you can change if you want to.

  • Message : the message of the statement, which you can modify if you want.

Optional Information

  • Attach files : by clicking on this button you can attach files from your device which you want to link to the statement.

  • Generate PDF : by clicking on this button you can generate and download a PDF version of the statement.

  • When you have checked everything, click on Send Statement.

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