How do I create a New Staff Expense ?

You can create an Expense in Haibooks in two ways. Either :

  • From your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Expenses.

  • Or select Staff Expenses from the side bar menu. Click on Add New Expense.

  • Indicate who the expense is paid by, as well as the staff member if applicable.

  • You can scan a receipt from your device by clicking on Scan Receipt.

Contact and Date

  • Paid by : select if the staff expenses is paid by a member of staff or by an account.

  • Issue Date : the date the member of staff makes their claim for expense.

  • Expense Number : the system automatically provides you with one but you can change it if you wish to as long as it is not already used.

  • Staff or Account : select the member of staff if the expense is paid by a member of staff. Or choose the account if it is paid by an account.

How do I Save a New Staff Expense ?

When you are creating a new staff expense you can save it in two ways :

  • If you are happy with the new staff expense you have created and have all the information needed then you can click on Save & Approve. You will find your staff expense saved in the All Expenses tab.

  • If you have not all the information for your new staff expense or if you want to finish it later you can click on Save as Draft. When you would like to complete the expense, you can find it in the Draft Expenses tab.

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