In the Banking page in hAibooks you can add all your bank accounts to create all your transactions in the system. You can make one of your bank accounts the default bank account. Learn how to manage Bank Accounts and how to create a Transaction.

How do I add a new Bank Account ?

  • First you must access the page by selecting Banking from the side bar menu.

  • Click on Add Bank Account.

Bank Account Information

  • Account Name : enter the bank account name to identify it.

  • Account Number : enter the account number of the bank account.

  • Sort Code : enter the sort code of the bank account.

  • Bank Name : enter the name of the bank of your new bank account.

  • Currency : select the currency of your new bank account. GBP is the base currency but you can also select other currencies such as USD and EUR.

  • Is Primary : if you tick this tickbox then the new account will become your default Bank Account.

When finished, click on Save and your will find your new Account in the All Bank Accounts tab.

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