In hAibooks, you can import a receipt so that the data can be extracted and automatically entered into the system. You can import a receipt by uploading via your browser or uploading via email. It is possible to upload multiple receipts at a time. Learn how to Process a Receipt and how to Navigate in Receipts.

How do I Import a Receipt from My Browser ?

  • On your hAibooks page select Receipts from the sidebar menu.

  • Click on Browse your computer. Select the receipt from your computer and it will be processed through the system.

  • If you have the file available, you can also drag and drop directly the receipt to have all the data available and for it to be processed.

How do I Upload via Email Adress ?

  • On your Receipts page, you have a customised email address available for your business to use collecting information and data.

  • Click to Copy for the email address and you can use this for billing and registering new services. You can also use this address to get all your staff to send their expenses and bills.

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