The Dashboard is the first page you see when you log in to hAIbooks. It’s a summary of the main information about the activity of your business. You can drag and drop the data areas to make the page layout suit you.

You can navigate to the Dashboard in different ways:

  1. Your last edited Dashboard will appear right after you log in

  2. Select the Dashboard button from the sidebar menu

  3. Choose a business from the dropdown from the top menu. 

You’ll see that the Dashboard is made up of the following blocks:

  • Banking

  • Sales

  • Bills

  • Profit And Loss

  • Unapproved Drafts

  • Important Dates


The banking block shows the current financial year statistics for the primary bank account and the main balances are:

  1. hAIbooks balance: this relates to all transactions showing up in the bank account with an "unreconciled " status in the Reconcile tab.

  2. Unreconciled balance: this relates to all transactions with "unreconciled" status. 

  3. Bank statement balance: this relates to all transactions with "reconciled" status.

You can navigate to the Banking section straight from the Banking block on the Dashboard. Select Import to upload bank statements or select View All Banks to navigate to the main page of the Banking section.


The Invoices block displays data about Invoice transactions by the period selected in the Issue /Due Date fields. By default, it shows the current financial year. 


The Bills block displays data about the Bills transactions by the selected period.

Profit And Loss 

This block displays the profit and loss of the current financial year period. 

You can also view a more detailed report in the Reports section.

Unapproved Drafts

This contains a list of documents that have been saved as drafts and are waiting for approval.

Important Dates

This is a list of dates that are important to the business for example 'Next VAT Return Due' and should be used to help manage deadlines

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