Fixed Assets is a section that reports on long-term ownership of assets such as buildings, machinery, equipment, land and furniture. 

To navigate to this section, select Accounting from the sidebar menu and then select Fixed Assets from the drop-down menu.


In the Fixed Assets section, you can register new assets using bills or transactions, set up depreciation details, and record them as disposed of, once you’ve sold or otherwise disposed of your asset.

You can filter fixed assets by Acquired Assets and Disposed by clicking on the tabs. You can also filter assets in both tabs by other features and also use the search tool.

1 Fixed Assets tabs

The Fixed Assets section contains two tabs: Acquired Assets and Disposed.

The Acquired Assets tab lists entries about fixed assets which your company currently owns. There are both "bill" and "transaction" types. 

The Disposed tab lists fixed assets that are no longer owned by your business.  

2 Filter Fixed Assets

To filter a list of the entries by type of asset or specified period:

  1. On your Fixed Assets page select Filter next to the search bar.

  2. You can filter through different categories depending on what you are searching for.


You can specify a custom period by clicking on the search bar under Purchase Date and then selecting Between.



You also can search by entering criteria into the search bar:

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