The All Transactions tab on your bank account page displays a list of all the money in and money out transactions that you have created on hAIbooks as part of your daily business activities.

The All Transactions list contains the following details:

  • Date: The date the transaction was created in hAIbooks.

  • Description: The name of the transaction.

  • Allocated Document: If there is an allocated document, you will see it when you open the transaction.

  • Paid In/Paid Out: The amount that has been paid in or paid out of the bank account, relating to that transaction.

  • Status: This indicates whether the transaction has been reconciled or remains unreconciled.

  • Actions: The Activities column header shows a choice of actions you can take related to that transaction.

Sorting the All Transactions list

To sort the order of the Account Transaction list by date, simply click the arrow on the Date column header.

Filtering the All Transactions list

You can filter the All Transactions list by status and time period parameters. To filter the list:

  • Select Add Filter at the top right of the transactions.

  • You can add a filter to all the different attributes, whether it's date or description. To filer, click on the search bar under the attribute you want to filter and choose the filter you want to put.

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