How to create a Mileage Claim ?

  • You can add a new mileage in Haibooks in two ways. From your dashboard you can click on Create New and then Mileage.

  • Or select Staff Expenses from the side bar menu. Click on Add New Mileage.

  • Indicate the correct staff member, the number of miles and the mileage expense.

  • Select the vehicle and you can tick the "Reclaim VAT" tickbox if you are reclaiming VAT (car or motorcycle).

  • Click on Attach Files if you want to add files from your device.

How to Save a New Mileage Claim ?

When you are creating a new mileage you can save it in two ways :

  • If you are happy with the new mileage you have created and have all the information needed then you can click on Save & Approve. You will find your mileage saved in the All Expenses tab.

  • If you have not all the information for your new mileage or if you want to finish it later you can click on Save as Draft. When you would like to complete the mileage, you can find it in the Draft Expenses tab.

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